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At Paulo Freire Freedom school our advisory program is an essential piece of our school culture.  Each student is in an advisory made up of about 12 students from all three grades.  The advisory become a student's school family.  The advisor is the first contact for their advisee's families and helps keep them up to date on how their student is doing at school academically and emotionally.  We are always looking for ways to help families feel connected to our school and each student knows that their advisor is there to support then through all three years at PFFS.

Advisories are powerful tools for student success because they create foundational relationships which will support all learners on their journey.  The advisor gets to know the student and the student's family really well, so they understand the student's history, their culture, their learning style, their strengths, their stretches, and their personal goals.  Advisors are able to support the academic, social, emotional, and physical wellness of each of their advisees while advocating for and with them whenever necessary.

And the advisory group itself is a powerful team of students that get to know each other really well and support each other in all aspects of learning together. 

Advisory is fun, it is connecting, it is supportive, it is enlightening, it is playful, and it is reflective.  Most of all, advisory is a place where students can be fully themselves and explore their world with the support of a team of peers and adults.