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Student Life

Paulo Freire Freedom School creates an intentional culture of support, wellness, and belonging.  As a result of this inclusive and diverse culture, our students feel the support to be fully themselves and to fully participate in our learning community.  We put students first, which means we do not reduce students to test scores.  Instead, we work with every learner to help them identify their strengths and stretches, be more reflective about their learning journey, and offer a lot of personalized learning supports so every student can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.  

Our learning community is full of big questions and joyful laughter.  So many of our students have shared how they never felt engaged and accepted at school before attending Paulo.  Our advisories foster social emotional connections and our classrooms are full of collaboration, inquiry, and authentic exploration of real-world issues.  

Our wide variety of elective classes, including aerial dance at ZUZI! to computer science,  D&D, art, and more, allow students to pursue different passions and interests in ways that allow them to express themselves intellectually and artistically in fun, supportive learning environments.

We think your student will thrive at Paulo. Enroll today to see how your student can experience the best learning community in Tucson!

Our Joyful and Engaged Students